From Concept to Reality In Ottawa

In the 80’s, if it was from China it seemed free, 40 years later the world has changed.

Today L-D Tool & Die offers an integrated Asian / Canadian hybrid solution that is the clear choice when considering plastic part manufacture.

Tangible Benefits

We improve our clients’ results in three clear and easily measurable ways:

  • Reliability – You know exactly what to expect when you place an order. Certificates of Conformity, Tooling guaranteed for life and a team of skilled technicians that ensure parts are in tolerance without fail.
  • Efficiency – You don’t need to plan around two month delivery schedules by boat or outrageous costs by air.
  • Cost-Savings – You save with 30 day terms, just in time delivery, limited inventory requirements, and no overseas air charges, customs, tariffs and duties that can change on a whim.
Don’t rely on dated assumptions that overseas manufacturing is the way to go. Explore your options.
Call us and together we will build a custom solution for your custom parts – all the while saving time and money. You can reach us at 613-591-1474.

Relationships Matter

A solid relationship is the first step in overcoming obstacles and challenges that predictably pop up unexpectedly.

At  L-D Tool & Die we pride ourselves on the successful relationships that we have fostered with each and every one of our clients. Your success is our success and we do everything in our power to work towards that positive outcome.

Backing our commitment is management, tool room, production and inventory control staff that measure their experience at L-D Tool & Die by the decade. That incredible experience is here to help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

Don’t forge ahead alone – enlist the help of a partner that will work with you, not just for you. Call us at 613-591-1474 to discuss your plastic challenges.